Feathers is a beautiful sidescroller where you experience the thin line between helping others and manage your own energy.

The little Origami bird follows your mouse. You can create a circle of protection via clicking and holding the left mouse button. With the circle active you can kick away stones in your way or protect the main character from being hit by stones and birds of darkness. But having the circle active drains the power from your orange energy bar. If the main character runs at full speed and don't get hit by obstacles, your energy bar will be restored. 

This game is in beta phase. If you have a spare minute after playing, you would help us a lot if you could do our little survey. The collected data are anonymous and will only used internally. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScwgHpjwnAM72oIemePhB2dC0GcX0pqQwzDn9Nf... 

Thank you for playing!

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